Racing Surf Skis



BOAT NAME Description
       Stellar Elite Small         (SES)     The Stellar Elite Small(SES), the surf ski that revolutionized the industry! Stellar started it all with the first surf ski hydro-dynamically and ergonomically optimized for smaller paddlers. With its fast hull, narrow catch, low volume cockpit and responsive steering, the SES is an amazing speed machine for smaller paddlers on flat water or ocean racing.
      Stellar Elite Low(SEL)     The SEL Has a unique combination of speed and stability, allowing paddlers to maintain proper technique and efficient strokes in more challenging conditions. Enough volume for large conditions, but also great for flat water paddling, the SEL has with amazing glide, yet easily catches wash from others boats or runs in the ocean.  
Stellar Elite Double (S2E)     The Stellar Elite Double(S2E) will have you smiling, designed for true ocean conditions with ample volume in the bow and higher gunwales than the S2EL. Double venturi bailers ensure speedy bailing in even the worst of conditions. Stability inherent in the design gives you confidence to truly push yourself in all conditions without compromising speed, which is providing the S2E to be one of the fastest, yet most stable skis on the market.  
Stellar Elite Double Low (S2EL)     Stellar Elite Double Low(S2EL), our original Double Surf Ski is designed for smaller paddlers or for more protected waters. The S2EL has a lower gunwales and bow deck for less windage and easier entries than the standard double skis on the market. The S2EL has similar characteristics to the SEL, with stability inherent in the design giving you confidence to truly push yourself in all conditions without compromising speed.





Boat StatsSESSELS2E / S2EL
Length20'3" / 6.2m21'2" / 6.45m24'7” / 7.5m
Beam16.4" / 41.6cm17.1" / 43.5cm18.9" / 48cm
Depth13.8" / 35cm14.2" / 36cm14.5" / 36.8cm
Paddler5'-6'3" / 1.5m-1.9m5'5"-6'6" / 1.65m-2m
5'5"-6'6" / 1.65m-2m
Capacity200 lbs / 100kg285 lbs / 130kg485 lbs / 220kg


Boat Stats.SESSELS2E / S2EL
Ultra22.5 lbs / 10.2kg24 lbs / 10.9kg40.1 lbs / 18.2kg
Excel24.3 lbs / 11kg26 lbs / 11.8kg39.7 lbs / 18kg
Multi-Sport33.5 lbs / 15.2kg34.8 lbs / 15.8kg51.4 lbs / 23.3kg
Advantage31.3 lbs / 14.2 kg33.1 lbs / 15kg48.5 lbs / 22kg
Sport33.1 lbs / 15kg34.2 lbs / 15.5kg50.7 lbs / 23kg