Intermediate Surf Skis



BOAT NAME Description
   Stellar 18'         (S18S)     The Stellar18' is an intermediate level surf ski with great top end speed, along with the stability. With 2 dry storage compartments, the S18S is also a capable touring kayak. Cockpit handles make handling the S18S easy in and out of the water. As a standard feature, the S18S is outfitted to accept a kick-up rudder for those who paddle in shalloe areas. The S18S also meets the specifications for the USCA Fast Sea Kayak division if you wish to race. 
Stellar Racers           (SR)     The Stellar Racer(SR) is stable and fast for those paddlers looking to transition from a touring kayak or those who want more stability from a surf ski in rough conditions. The G2 SR has a greatly narrower catch, low volume footwell, increased bow deck volume and cockpit moved forward, modernizing this popular boat. The beauty of the SR is that its allows you to keep your paddling rhythm without bracing, which keeps the hull speed at a higher constant rate than if you were in a racing ski.  
The New Stellar Elite Intermediate       (SEI)     The NEW Stellar elite intermediate(SEI), the best of the both worlds, top end speed and intermediate stability! The hull has been redesigned, greatly reducing surface area and drag, while optimizing the seating position and cockpit. The G2 SEI has amazing flat water glide and can pick up the smallest of bumps, eeking out speed where there is little to be found. In the bumps, the SEI easily drops in, carrying speed linking you from run to run. The position of the rudder allows for excellent control, whether riding a wash or running down-wind. The cockpit has been refined with a narrower catch, twin venturi's for quick bailing and an ergonomic seat for easy rotation and a powerful drive.    





Boat StatsS18SSRSEI
Length 18' / 5.5m19'2" / 5.85m20' / 6.1m 
Beam21" / 53.3cm18.9" / 48cm18.1" / 46cm
Depth14.2" / 36cm13.4" / 34cm13.4" / 34.1cm
Paddler5'-6'6" / 1.5m-2m5'-6'6" / 1.5m-2m
5'-6'6" / 1.5m-2m
Capacity320 lbs / 145kg285 lbs / 130kg285 lbs / 130kg


Ultra27.6 lbs / 12.5kg24.3 lbs / 11kg
24.5 lbs / 11.1kg
Excel28.7 lbs / 13kg
25.4 lbs / 11.5kg
25.6 lbs / 11.6kg
Multi-Sport35.3 lbs / 16kg
33.7 lbs / 15.3kg
34.2 lbs / 15.5kg
Advantage35.9 lbs / 16.3kg
32.2 lbs / 14.6kg
32.4 lbs / 14.7kg
Capacity39.7 lbs / 18kg
33.1 lbs / 15kg
33.7 lbs / 15.3kg