Low Angle Touring Paddles

    Our Low Angle Touring Paddle is designed to give you a comfortable, light and quiet paddle. The rib on the back side of the blade stiffens the paddle as well as provides buoyancy. Comfortable Oval Shaft fits your hand well for longer trips and comes standard with drip-rings.

Mid-Wing & Small-Wing Paddles 

    Our Wing paddle provides strong connection through the drive and a clean release. The low twist Airfoil cross-section of our wing provides hy drodynamic lift during a high angle stroke that is easy to paddle. Comfortable Oval Shaft fits your hand well and is stiff for maximum power application. 

Paddle Length  and Angle Adjustment

    Our paddles make it easy to adjust both angle and length with a secure aluminum cam lock. Length adjustment is available in ranges of 10cm. The ferrule is scibeb with 1cm increments for length adjustment as well as angle for left and right feather.


GRADE UltralightHybridValue
Paddle Weight27 oz / 780 g30 oz / 860 g33 oz / 950g

Stiff Foam Cored 
Blade Smooth 
Woven Carbon 

Stiff Foam Cored
Blade Smooth 
Carbon Shaft
Durable Dyed
Blade Black
Fiberglass Shaft


Paddle Stype        Low Angle Paddle       Small-Wing Paddle       Mid-Wing   Paddle    
Blade Length20 in / 51.5cm19.6 in / 50cm20in / 51.5cm
Blade Width5.5 in/ 14.5cm6.3 in / 16cm6.5in / 16.5cm
Blade Area103in/ 665cm2113in/ 730cm2117in/ 755cm2