WinTech Racing's winning technology does it again. Both our aluminum and carbon fiber wing riggers utilize an advanced airfoil shape to minimize drag and construction methodology that makes them incredibly stiff and light, increasing the torsional stiffness of your boat for greater speed.


In addition to the advanced airfoil shape that minimizes drag, our new Aluminum wing rigger uses a stronger alloy to make all of our new aluminum riggers lighter and stiffer. This alloy is also more corrosion resistant than commonly used aluminum alloys. And, all our aluminum parts are treated against wear and corrosion with the Hard Coating (Type III) anodization process that is more resistant to scratching and corrosion than the industry standard Anodization (Type II). Our riggers will live longer and look good despite wear and tear from daily usage and bouncing around trailer beds. Euro Slot rigger heads make for easy rigging.

Carbon fiber 

In addition to the advanced airfoil shape that minimizes drag, our new Carbon Fiber wing riggers are made with High Modulus Unidirectional Carbon Fiber and Nomex Honeycomb core to make them incredibly stiff and light. They are designed with the same bolting pattern as the aluminum airfoil riggers to enable a rower, coach or program director to upgrade the riggers on a boat. These riggers also have more toe room; the profile of the wing across the cockpit is arched on the underside to allow for larger shoes and foot steering components.